My name is Julio de la Yncera.

Quite a long time ago, back when I used to live in Cuba I was working as a Math teacher for a few years.

I believe each individual should be free to express their ideas because of it, my family had to abandon Cuba. We emigrated to the USA and settled in Maryland.

Since I arrived to the USA I have been fortuned to work in the computer field.

I believe we should make good mathematical education available to many and with that objective in mind I have created www.isallaboutmath.com and blog.isallaboutmath.com. Once in a while I do get sidetrack into some other things that atract my interest.

I do everything for both sites from the music composition and recording to the scripting, animations and voice over.
I am hoping in the near future being able to develop these sites so others can contribute.


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  1. Amy

    Dear Is all about Math author,

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    Please accept my congratulations on a blog well-done!!

    Amy L.

  2. Robert McAusland

    To whom it may concern,
    I am a 7th Grade Math teacher and I love your demos. I have been looking for the software that you use in your videos but I’m having a difficult time finding it. If you wouldn’t mind telling me the hardware and software that you use I would greatly appreciate it. I am looking to re-create my class lectures and place them on line for students to use as review.
    Robert McAusland
    American Martyrs School
    Manhattan Beach, CA
    (310) 545-8559

  3. Robert, it is no secret I mainly use Adobe Master Collection CS3
    tools like Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects for video and
    for screen recording I use Camtasia and Corel Painter.

    I also use a Wacom CINTIQ tablet and a quad processor Windows Vista/Intel computer with 4 gigs of RAM.